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Workshops, Support Groups, Educational programs and Seminars

Updated: May 19

CWWC offers educational classes, workshops, support groups for men, women, Seniors, and families, and seminars

Let's get invested in you!

Workshops to sharpen your skills and make you more marketable, and improve your family and social life.

Support Groups

  • Sisterhood - ( Women's group)

  • When Men Speak (Men's support Group)

  • Mentor me (Adolescent support group))

  • Golden years (Senior support group)

  • All by myself (arts and crafts for children)

  • NA/AA with New Directions

Educational classes

  • Office 365

  • Resilient Youth Services (RYS)

  • Entrepreneurshop with Rising Tide Capital

  • General Education Development (GED)

  • Tuition free Degree

  • Mommy & Me

  • Re-Entry Services That Administer Restoration Transitiioning (RESTART)


  • Landlord/Tenant

  • First Time Home Buyer w/ Rose Mosley Realators

  • Sharon's Ettiquette Services

  • Kiss and Tell (Yolanda Fraizer)


  • Interviewing techniques

  • Resume Building

  • Financial literacy workshop

Legal business

  • Essex County Welfare - online assistance

  • SSI/SSDI - online assistance

  • Vital Statistics - photo ID, social security card, birth certificate (referal out)

  • License restoration - (referal out)

  • Re-entry employment opportunities

  • Expungement

  • Child Support Modification

  • Notary Republic

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