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Computer Literacy

Updated: Apr 5

Welcome to Microsoft 365. As you know technology is continuously changing and growing. For both business and personal reasons. Technology reduces the time required to get a project done. Technology drives today's world from filling out an employment application to getting a job done at work to knowing how to effectively use your cell phone.

CWWC knows the importance of knowing your way around the keyboard. In this 5 week program, you will learn the basics of Microsoft 365 (i.e., word, excel, powerpoint, outlook) that you can use anywhere, at any time, for everything as long as you have a working laptop or cell phone. Various, if not all, operations around the office and home are done with the skill of knowing how to navigate through the office suites of Microsoft 365.

Your 5 week commitment will include:

  1. 1 - flash drive to save your materials

  2. 1 - note pad to take notes

  3. 1- folder to keep all your paperwork in one place

  4. 1- Vinyl backpack

Introduction to basic Microsoft 365 - what you will learn during the 6 week commitment

  1. Word - An advanced text editor to create document, letters, articles, etc.

  2. Excel - A spreadsheet application that helps you store and analyze date

  3. Outlook - An email database

  4. PowerPoint - helps you to create presentations on screen

The classroom holds 6 students at a times with social distancing guidelines. The materials needed are listed above and they are given at the beginning of the class. Although everyone learns differently, this class is not self paced, but don't let your learning stop there. Practice at home makes perfect. Once you learn the basics, you can continue to teach yourself by exploring your keyboard, ribbon, taskbar, and toolbars that control software functions. If you are really serious about learning, you'll get it. So come on in and sign up! Let's have some fun learning to do what is necessary to be competitive in the employment field.

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