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Re-Entering Society Through Assertive Restoration Training

Updated: Aug 8

Putting an end to recidivism.

Re-entering society and don't know which way to turn? Follow that detour right here to 5C Grafton Ave where we will assist you with staying focused on your new lifestyle change.
Need photo ID? No problem. Need social security card and birth certificate? No problem. We can get you started with building your resume, employment leads and opportunities and up-to-date information on which employers are ready and prepared to hire you.
Feeling just a little skiddish? Enroll in our workshps that get you prepared with interviewing skills, job readiness workshops, and an elevator pitch to sell yourself just in case you overhear an employer looking to hire
Wondering if your crimianl history will be your barrier, nope! Come on in, let's talk about it. Let's take a look to see if you qualify for expungement or record sealing. Some employers overlook minor offenses while others have positions waiting just for you to fill.
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