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Be fearless, be bold, courageous and strong. I’m loving this woman, all the day long

I’m worth it; I deserve it, if its mine God will preserve it.

This women’s group is all about uncovering what lies beneath. It is an ongoing intellectual and motivational Support group that will guide you into conquering the old you to reinvent the new you! There is a sequel to your life that you have not yet discovered and this group will assist you in unraveling the barriers and challenges that stand in your way.

Topics for discussion:

  • Empowerment - Housing - Achievements

  • Employment - Stress - Goals

  • Education - Alcohol /Drugs

  • Health - Financial Literacy - Spirituality

  • Family - Bills - Relationships

  • Finances - Him/Her - Child Care

  • Grief - Entrepreneurship - Benefits


The sisterhood group is a 3 month committment. Upon exiting the program, participants will acheive a certificate of achievement for investing in yourself along with brunch at the Flaming Grill Buffet. Transportation will be provided so you can get there safely and return home safely. Please keep in mind, the group is held every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 10 am - 11:30. What is spoken in the Sisterhood stays in the sisterhood. Participants will receive a nylon back pack, a journal, a pen and highlighter, sticky notes, and Sisterhood workbook

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