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Child Care subsidy for Students and Moms

Updated: Apr 12

With vouchers provided by Program for Parents, we seek a safe worry free environment for moms to drop off children as they prepare for an interview, go job seeking, or return to school to further their education, CWWC has your lifestyle in mind.

Vouchers from Program for Parents (PFP)

CWWC, assists families as well. We know all too well how important it is to go to work or school without the barriers of childcare standing in your way. We help to eliminate the stress of wondering if your child is being well taken care of. From eating to playing to taking a nap, our staff works to find the ve ry best childcare facility and we assist with the convienance of filling out the application for you.

Right now, the price of childcare is skyhigh. With a childcare voucer from PFP, you can rest assure that the very best childcare facility locally will be sought after for you via PFP. The voucer reduces the cost of childcare dramatically, you save and eliminate stress at the same time. I call that a win-win for you! Program for Parents is located at:

570 Broad Street on the 8th floor

Newark, New Jersey 07102

P: (973) 297-1114

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