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The terms and conditions found here regulates your use while visiting and navigating the Central Ward Women's Center website. Please note that our main concern is your privacy and your knowledge of how your information is being used. Any user that visits or navigates the Central Ward Women’s Shelter website agrees with and is bound to the terms and conditions written here. No one is allowed to upload any images to this website. No one is allowed to delete, copy, or alter in anyway, these terms and conditions, the information found here, or the images listed on this website. All information and images are the copyright and intellectual property rights of the Central Ward Women’s Shelter. Also, anyone who solicits, uses inappropriate language, or posts inappropriate materials to the Central Ward Women’s Shelter website, and this inappropriate action is caught by another user, it can be directly reported to the Executive Director for prompt removal and will not hold the Central Ward Women’s Shelter liable for any malicious or derogative inserted by any user. .

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